Random Thoughts on a Great Book

The book: What We Talk About When We Talk About Good

The Author: Rob BellCover of Rob Bell Book

Spoiler: this book is awesome. Major kuddos to Rob Bell for being pretty awesome, too.

I was on a bit of reading lull for a few weeks. I couldn’t get through anything! But, when I found the newest book by my former Pastor at the library a few weeks ago, I knew my dry spell was coming to an end. And I was totally right.

If you have never read a book by Rob Bell, you’re missing out. Despite what you believe or how fiercely you believe it, Bell has a way of opening your mind to asking MORE questions about what you can and can’t see in front you. After all, life is found in the questions, right?

The biggest idea I took from the book is found in this passage—>

–> “Joy is contagious, and despair brings everybody down, and when positive energy is present and flowing, we all benefit”

And how can you disagree with that?

Go check this book out from the library. You won’t regret it.



One thought on “Random Thoughts on a Great Book

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