We are Getting Ready to…

Tired from an early morning and an all together crazy week (I know it’s only Tuesday),I  decided to follow a prompt from http://www.bloggymoms.com… I might not be a mom, but I spend enough time helping them out to qualify for just one blog assist. Thanks for sharing http://www.bloggymoms.com!

We are getting ready to… NAP!

Actually, they just went down, but as they nestle into their beds it’s safe to use this opportunity to talk about napping and nannying and napping while the nanny is here. I am pretty consistent at a naptime routine, which makes all the difference around here. The kids definitely know that there is time to play and there is a time to sleep and when it’s time to sleep, this nanny doesn’t play around. Because they know this, naptime typically runs like well oiled machine.

Our naptime routine is as such:

1. Clean up our toys. Always easier said than done, but the older they get, the easier and quicker this process becomes!

2. Pull-ups on. If Step 2 is followed accordingly we advance to Step 3, if not, we just go to Step 4.

3. Everyone picks out one book. Yes, even me. We normally read our books on the couch because it’s easier for us to transition up to our beds this way.

4. Up the stairs with blankets, toys, waters, and oh yah, kids, too!

5. Lights off, curtains shut, sound machine and fan on.

6. Blankets on. Kisses. And the following dialogue everyday, “I love you both.”

“We love you, too.”

“Who else loves you?”

“Mommy and Daddy! ” (Some days they add in extra people too, to which I say, “Yes, everyone loves you! How could they now!?”)

“That’s right, they love you very much, no matter where they are. Now rest your eyes and I will see you soon.”

7. Door closes. No going back. Ever.

8. Giant sigh from me. Finally- silence!

How do you run naptimes a your place? Do you savor the silence once the door closes like I do?

Happy Tuesday all!

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