The Great Race: Completed.

I’m going to take this Monday to reflect on the 10k I ran this past Saturday. I am pretty proud to be crossing this race off my bucket list! Also, I am to the moon happy with my results! Sure, there were things I didn’t expect and felt I could do better at next time, but for my first 1ok EVER I am pretty darn happy! My biggest feat was simply completing the 10k. There were a lot of inner battles playing over and over in my head as I ran on Saturday morning, but I overcame them. I pushed the negativity out of my way and chugged along, focusing not on my doubt, but the road beneath me. For awhile I looked ahead of me, but every time I did, I became focused on everyone else. (And there were a LOT of people there!) Like I normally do in crowds, I became completely overwhelmed by the swarm of people around me. So, I changed my focus and looked down at my feet, at the path I was on, at the ground that was supporting me at that moment. And I calmed myself. I remembered why I was running and who it was for, and I stayed present, alive, and motivated by self. And that is a battle won.

As I neared the finish line, with hundreds of people lined up, I could hear only one voice: Sean’s. And knowing that he was there, cheering me on meant everything. It’s so amazing to have someone there who knows your battles, supports you and loves you nonetheless. Thank you, Sean- for being there the entire way.

It was awesome to experience a race– to see my city completely by foot in less than an hour; to have people cheering for you who would never run themselves, but are inspired by the race enough to come out early and make signs; to see the ponytail of a woman bob in front of you, whose name you will never know but who will always share this exact moment with you; to hear a band as you run through the zoo; to hear the man behind you breathing; to realize you have never seen this side of town from this angle; to turn to your left and have a conversation with a stranger then run on; to see the finish line and know: I did this for myself, no one else.Grand Rapids Photo

Congratulations to everyone else, you deserve it.


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