Happy Mama’s Day 2013

It’s a day for our Mamas. And aren’t I lucky to have been planted here on earth as MY mama’s baby? The older I get, the more I find an appreciation for this day. As I reflect on my life and on myself, I can’t help but recognize how much of that has been formed by the powerful influence of my mama.

Naturally, I have a lot of traits traced directly back to my mom. There are times when I do or say something and then step back, thinking, “wow, that was just like my mom.” And I don’t mean that in a negative sense, either. My mom has taught me how to nurture and love uncondictionally. I am firmly aware that my ability to be a nanny is staked in the example she provided throughout my life. My mom is truly a baby and mama GENIUS. Everyone that knows her is drawn to seek her opinion and advice about all things baby and mama related. Her knowledge on women and their bodies, as well as babies and their needs, is a deep well we all draw from. I believe that we all have a passion and talent that makes us unique from the rest, and I believe her maternal knowledge and love is her calling. She has a wealth of passion that few will ever mirror. Her selflessness inspires me every single day to look outside of my own life and self and pass my love on and on and on, like she does. Most importantly, my mom has taught me that when we begin to live with other people in mind, we begin to discover who we actually are as individuals. I hope everyday that she understands what an important pillar of knowledge she is for the rest of us.Mom holding Gunner Edited
This year has been powerful for our family in that we have been able to watch my sisters become mamas as well. As I talk to them on the phone and hear how much their babies have captured their hearts, I recognize how like my mom we all are. Without my mom’s example, we might still know how to love, but we wouldn’t be aware of how deep our love can go. Because we have been shown endless love, we are now able to pass that on to our own children (well eventually I will… not now…). Having a mom like ours has instilled a consciousness in us to give little ones the love they deserve, which is the all of the love that we possibly have. Just as my mom gave us love that still goes on and on and on, we are now able to give that love on and on and on…me brit sarah pregnant
Thank you Mom, for everything you are. mom brit and d
I love you on and on and on….



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