Time is Fascinating Like That

And just like that, the week is over. It’s an odd phenomenon: how a week can seem so crazy and busy when you’re wrangling four little ones, driving to appointments, changing diapers, making meals, staying late to help out the family get where they need to be. Then, Friday comes and you think: wow, that was quick. It makes me want to slow the clock and live in the chaos a little longer. Time is fascinating like that.

Last night I received a hilarious message in my voice mail box from one of my favorite little chickadees. As she rambled and sang, all I could do was laugh.  Listening to her joke, I realized how much the same she still was. And how much the same my reaction to her was: this little person is such a constant force in my life. But, how OLD she seemed on the other end. It seems we have both grown so much! What I’m not sure she will understand until she is older, is that the year I spent living with her, we grew up together. I came their family uncertain of who I wanted to be, but through helping raise her, I grew up also. Again, I thought, time is fascinating.

The reason I missed her little phone call was because Sean and I were out on a much needed date. After all of those extra hours working this week, I needed to feel like an adult again. We had walked to our favorite restaurant down the road, run by the most amazing Lebanese woman. Then, we popped into the bar where we met for our first date. For a while, we sat in silence, relishing in the wordless peace that follows a certain length of being together. It’s powerful to sit in silence and know that nothing is wrong. (More for me than most because I’m really bad at silence!) But then, he broke the silence with a joke and I couldn’t feel more blessed to be with this man– how many levels he fills my life. We looked over to the booth we sat in for our first date and I couldn’t believe how much time had gone by, and as Sean pointed out, how many good things were still in our path. Time is fascinating like that.

We came home and started watching my new favorite TV series: How I Met Your Mother, and there was an episode about Marshal and Ted’s apartment and all the history it held between them. I was overcome with nostalgia for a house my girlfriends and I lived in and out of for our college years and after. Was it really that many years ago that the last of us moved out? And who is running those stairs now? Doing their make-up in the bathroom upstairs? Brewing their coffee in the kitchen? Won’t that house always be ours, even if only in our minds.  So many things have happened since then. Yet, the four of us still remain together, without the need of a house to glue us together. Time is fascinating like that.

While I write, I am waiting to hear from my oldest friend, Kasey, who just had a little baby girl. The three of us are going to head out to Target and do some shopping together. Kasey and I have been friends since the seventh grade. There isn’t one thing in my life since then, that she hasn’t been there for. People have come and gone in our lives, but we have held on. We have survived boys and puberty, church and graduations, break-ups and weddings, scares and births, together. How true our sisterhood is and how far we have come as individuals. Time is fascinating like that.

With all of these early morning thoughts, I can’t help but think: today is going to be a good day. There is just something in the air. Happy Friday, friends.


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