It’s Okay Thursday

Last week I wrote an “It’s Okay Post“. The idea arose as a way to pay homage to Todd Parr, who writes some of our favorite children’s books. There is something about his colorful pictures and lyrical contradictions that we find positively enthralling, and hilarious, and always, always entertaining enough to listen to the entire story! So, like I said, I wrote the post. Then my virtual nanny bud at wrote her own version. And now I’m hooked on this post idea and excited to announce it as a new regular edition to the blog.  I’d love to see what you all come up with, too! Write your own “It’s Okay” post and let me know how it goes. Oh yes, and be sure to check out any of Todd Parr’s books the next time you venture to the library.

It’s okay to let the kids paint naked.

It’s okay to get your clothes completely messy by nine in the morning.

It’s okay to listen to tweet Dolly Parton every Friday morning until she notices you.

It’s okay to go a few days without tweeting at all.

It’s okay to accept that you now “tweet”.

It’s okay to go to bed early.

It’s okay to sleep in.

It’s okay to refuse to get out of bed until someone brings you coffee.

It’s okay to re-route your goals.

It’s okay to overachieve.

It’s okay to still have sleepovers with your girlfriends.

It’s okay to want to stay home and ignore your phone.

It’s okay to enforce the rules.

It’s okay to say, “you know what, I don’t care.”

It’s okay to care too much.

It’s okay. Life is okay. Everything is okay.


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