Two Weeks Until Race Day

This 10k means more to me than distance.

When I got my informational flier in the mail, I inadvertantly started doodling all over it. By the time I walked away from it, this realization kept replaying over and over in my head: this 10k means more to me than distance, this 10k means more to me than distance.

run photo 1

I already know I can run the distance I signed up for, which is beyond amazing! When I signed up, I doubted I could even get close to four miles, let alone six. But the more you run, the more you practice, the more you get outside and off the couch, then the more you realize: running isn’t so much physical, but more mental.

Enter my personal battle and challenge. I have a tendency for doubting myself and my stamina. I always think, nah, that 10k is something that someone else would do, not you. But I’ve recently realized all the negative self-talk doesn’t have a place in me anymore. And so, as I have been training to run, I have also been training myself to rethink. In return, I have become a happier, fuller, more responsive individual. run photo 2

I cannot only RUN this 10k, but in fact, I HAVE RUN a 10k, and I will do it again.

Because I am strong.

I am determined.

And, race or no race, I am enough for me. And accepting that truth is the challenge all along.


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