It’s Okay to….

It’s okay to wear the same jeans two days in a row.

It’s okay to stay out later than usual on a weeknight. (Especially if your good friend has reason to celebrate.)

It’s okay to leave the dirty dishes for tomorrow.

It’s okay to call it a movie morning after a long prior day.

It’s okay to rearrange your bedroom at eight o’clock on a Tuesday.

It’s okay to donate the shirt you really love, but never wore. 

It’s okay to  to be the only adult playing at the playground.

It’s okay tolet someone else cook dinner for a change.

It’s okay to sneak secret glances at your man in a crowd of people.

It’s okay to break the rules and draw smiley faces on the bottom of your little ones’ big toe.

What conventional rules are you breaking today? Happy Thursday, Friends. 









4 thoughts on “It’s Okay to….

  1. Lovely! It reminds me of “The Okay Book” have you read it? I forget the author but it’s those bright colors??
    “It’s ok to be big, it’s ok to be small. It’s ok to wear two different socks… Etc”

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