Just Another Manic Monday…

….But I’m so glad it’s NOT Sunday! Unlike most of working America, I. Love. Mondays.

I love coming in and getting smothered with hugs because I’ve been missed.

I love two little pig tails and a super hero cape.

I love the pile of laundry that gets higher and higher because I don’t want to clean today, I want to play today.

I love looking out the window and hearing, “Da sun is out today!”

I love running up the steps at the playground and back down again before the little ones reach the bottom of the slide.

I love walking by the stream and listening to the flowing of the water and the chirping of birds.

I love throwing sticks into the water during a good game of “Pooh Sticks”.

I love sitting under a tree on our picnic blanket.

I love looking up at squirrels as we talk about what they could be thinking.

I love peaceful naps that follow a busy morning.

I love getting excited about their waking up to do our special Earth Day project!

I love all my days here, not just Mondays.

How is your Monday, friends?




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