An afternoon snack… for two.

Sean really likes juice. And I don’t blame him. Sometimes the juicer can be a bit of work though, and I feel lazy when it comes to pulling it out. Typically, I talk descriptively and hypothetically about juice long enough that Sean just eventually gets out the juicer himself and make us some. Oh the power of suggestion. But after a great weekend with Sean, who supported me, my broken car and my mental health unconditionally, I wanted to do something for him. So on Sunday afternoon I brought the old boy out and made us some delightful afternoon drinks. It really wasn’t that bad, but don’t tell him that!

So here’s to you and your love. Hopefully he or she supports you as much as Sean does me. Cheers.Two juices in the afternoon

Included in each jar of juice? One large carrot, two and a half oranges and four strawberries.


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