April Showers Bring…. Rainy Day Activities, right?

With all of this rain and white-slushy stuff it’s hard to remember that it’s actually spring here in Michigan. Last week we made it through four consecutive rainy days indoors, which isn’t always easy when you’re a toddler (and a nanny). It would be easy to count them movie days and snuggle up on the couch each afternoon, but I fought the urge and we’re calling it a victorious feat against dreary Mother Nature. You can’t make us zone out in front of the TV! But, unfortunately for me, I had already exhausted my old rainy day activity list. But I made it a challenge for myself and came up with some inventive, new ideas! We are more than ready to kick off our boots and play in the grass barefoot! Please give us a break Mother Nature, PLEASE! But until then, here are some MORE rainy day ideas for everyone else experiencing these April showers.

1. We made May Flowers. may flower

2. We jumped in rain puddles.
What? Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you have to stay inside all day! We all threw on our boots, hats and rain jackets and headed outside for a quick walk! Rainy days outside are great because 1. We can all scream and not get in trouble. 2. Some of us had never jumped in puddles before. 3. Did you know all the worms like to congregate on the sidewalk during rainstorms? and 4. We can watch the neighborhood ducks all walking in a line, then repeat what they are doing, but louder and with more zest-filled quacks.

3. We made shapes in rice. rice shapesAll we did for this was pour some rice onto a cookie sheet. Then we challenged each other to a shape-off. Two years-olds are quite competitive about shapes, don’t you know? 

4. We sat in the sink. When the littlest one wanted a bath but her other half didn’t, we had to make a compromise. So, in the sink she went, bath bubbles and all. It was actually a nice little way to spend part of the afternoon. She was content hanging in the sink which gave me some extra time to chat with her while I cleaned the rest of the kitchen. 

5. We made pink ice cubes. What’s better than pink ice cubes, I ask you? Not much. “May we have some candy, Da-nelle?” No, but you can have a pink ice cube. “Really?! Yay!” Yes, not even candy is better than PINK ice cubes. They turn plain old drinks pink, they taste better, they crunch louder, okay, I’m getting carried away, but you get the idea. It was a big deal.

6. We fired up the blender for some smoothies. In went the strawberries, bananas and spinach. They were green smoothies of course…. for, er, spring. At least that’s what I told the kids. But you know what? No one even noticed the extra veggies.

7. We rode our bicycles inside. We’ve actually had our bikes inside for a few weeks now, but since we did a lot of it, I had to put it on the list. In reality, having our bikes inside and learning how to ride them first before taking them outside, has been much easier. If we fall it’s on softer ground. Also, the smaller space means less chasing them around. I highly recommend doing this for toddlers in the winter so they are ready when spring rolls around! Now, when our sidewalks are clear, nothing is going to stop us!

8. We looked at family photo albums. This activity cures the narcissist in us all. Kids LOVE looking at old pictures of themselves and their parents. I know the kids I watch can flip through not so old memories for a very long time, so when the rain hits hard, out come the albums.

Hopefully the kids don’t mind if we repeat these ideas AGAIN this week…. more rainy days in the forecast here. I vote for a nice rainy walk, which one do you pick?


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