Random Running Thoughts: Four weeks until my 10k.

These are my random thoughts on training for my 10k

Sunday: We ventured over to Millenium Park today. Nicole brought Drifter, her dog, and he inspired me to run the whole way. Heck, if that 12 year old dog could drag himself around the three mile loop, I certainly could as well! Plus, the sun was out, and that hadn’t occurred in awhile. It was a blessing from the gods for getting off my butt and getting out there! I was going to work hard for that sunshine. It was definitely a sweet, sweet reward.

Monday: Rain. Lot’s of rain. And lot’s of housework to do before our visitors arrive. In an attempt to avoid the housework, I chose a mile and a half quick loop around the neighborhood. I was extra happy, because Sean came out running with me today. I love when we can get outdoors and run together. It’s romantic in its’ own sort of way- just the two of us and the rain. What’s not to like?

Friday: I’ve been trying to keep up with my running schedule but an unanticipated winter cold front has been challenging my loyalty to running. I was planning on training for this race with the assumption I would have warmer weather to enjoy, but you can’t control the weather, you can only control your reaction to it, so onward I go, bundled up and determined. Nicole and I ran a bit over four miles today. The most I’ve ever run. I wanted to give up, I wanted to quit. I was feeling negative and tired the first two miles. But I didn’t quit. And by the end, I was spent, but proud. Today is the furthest I’ve ever run. Whoa!

Saturday: Still no sun. Less energy than yesterday. I think I will sit on the futon and watch Downton Abbey all day with Sean. No regrets. At all.

Sunday: Despite snow in the morning, the sun managed to shine as we headed out the door. We had planned a four mile run with a monster set of stairs at the three mile mark. But feeling good at four miles and hearing Nicole say over and over again, “you know, five miles isn’t that much more than four”, I reached my front yard and had to agree! I could do it! I could do it! I wasn’t going to stop at home and be done. I could do it! And I did do it. And more than that, in fact. SIX MILES is what we did! I ran six miles today. I feel good. Really, really good. Pride in yourself is a powerful emotion that doesn’t come as often as it should.


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