Thank Goodness it’s Saturday

Weeks like this are a gift. Sean and I were so fortunate to have one of my oldest friends and her little one visiting with us for a few days. We haven’t seen one another in much too long. It was wonderful to catch up, and also to realize that some friendships are so natural not even time can tarnish their bond. Silly me, I didn’t even pick up my camera once to record our moments together. But good for me, too, for living in the moment and soaking in a dose of true friendship.

Other than our visitors, it’s been comparatively quiet around the apartment. We’ve been avoiding life, if you must know, because a lack of sunshine in over a week makes it impossible to do anything but snuggle on the couch and watch movies.

to myself as Sean chats very seriously with a toddler.
Searching for and test-driving new cars.
Staying up past my bedtime to sneak in one more conversation.
Welcoming my fourth and final springtime birdy to the nest!
Showing off our favorite pizza and brewery in town.
Eating an extra dessert after my first two helpings.
Reminiscing about him and her and all the times we had.
Hiding inside to escape the falling rain.
Watching the magic of strangers bonding.
Feeling like myself and very, very happy, too.Coastersrain on porchBecause with all of this rain, you have to have a good beer to keep the sanity.


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