little birdy finally hatched!

Welcome to the wide, wide world Sloane Alexandra. You are a perfect little birdy.

I couldn’t be more proud of my twin sister. Finally, she is a mama! And what a beautiful little baby she was keeping safe in her belly all those long months. Although, if we’re honest, it feels like Sloane has always been here. For our entire lives Brittany and I have been wondering what our children would be like, and now we don’t have to wait any longer (well, for her at least). It’s a different connection that I have with Sloane. It’s like she is a part of me and Brittany and the connection that we have. With Sloane, we feel better, bigger and happier. Without knowing it all those years, we were missing her. And now she is here and I can’t wait to watch her grow. Me and the Baby BirdWelcome to the crazy crew little one. You will always be loved.


2 thoughts on “little birdy finally hatched!

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