hey friday. baby boom!!

I raced home last weekend ready to spend some quality time with my family. My twin sister was overdue and I was excited to spend some time alone with her before the baby came. Also, I was itching to see my nephew Gunner and get some quality snuggle time in with him. It’s hard being away from all of this fun, even though I only live two hours away. More than anything else, I was craving sister time.

Appreciating a break from my normal routine.
Disappearing from Internet Land for days at a time.
Crying about sweet moments and exceptional firsts.
Marveling at the wonder of the female body.
Remembering what home feels like.
Pulling a newborn swing shift for my older sister.
Frantically creating baby hats!
Relishing the opportunity to drive around the bay each day.
Encouraging the robins to stick out this cold streak (again).Suitcase and yellow shoesGunner with his pacifiersloane's toeshat in crib

I’m wrapping up my time at home and heading back to the normal world soon. It will be hard to leave home, but nice to see Sean after many, many days away! Life is so good.


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