Books We Love

March was reading month. And we did a lot of it. But not because it was reading month, but instead, because we like to read. Childrens Literature has also been a passion of mine. In particular, I think it’s interesting that even at a young age, children will choose books whose characters & story they identify with. Lately, we have been gravitating towards some really great reads! And because they’re so great, I thought I’d pass them along to you. Perhaps you’ll see some common themes that relate to our life at The Green Egg.

Books we love1. Curios George Visits the Library. Marget & H.A Rey’s. We all know this little rascal has lot’s of stories to tell, but by far this story is our favorite. Whenever I read this story, I always change the word “librarian” to our favorite librarian’s name. It adds a sweet little touch that always makes the kids smile. Who doesn’t like reading tales of mischief that takes place at the library?

2. The Snowy Day. Ezra Jack Keats. This book started becoming popular with the kids once it started snowing. Honestly they didn’t care for it when the weather was nice, and neither did I for that matter. But as the snow piled higher and higher, this book kept finding itself in our pile of books. On a personal level, I love the illustrations in this book. And the simple language it is written in makes it easy for the kids to understand and love!

3. Too Many Toys. David Shannon. Okay, this one might be one of my favorites! I like the lesson behind it. I also like that when we are cleaning up, I can quote certain lines from it that makes the kids giggle. TOO MANY TOYS! For real though, I may be identifying with this book just a little too much.

4. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Judith Viorst. The title explains the whole premise of this book. And oh when I found this classic in the basement, my nerdy heart lept with joy and I just had to bring it up for the kids! And it’s a very good thing I did, because one of us was very guilty of being an Alexander! Already I’ve read this book five times today. Thankfully, the lesson in the book translated well and no one had to move to Australia here! Not yet at least.

5. Olivia Forms a Band. Ian Falconer. I know these books are on the trend right now- but for a good reason. I love little Olivia Pig! She is an extroverted, fun little piggy that kids of all types can appreciate. This book is our favorite though! Probably because she’s a little creative, a little loud and a little over the top in it! Yes, I can relate to Olivia, too.

6. Pickle-Chiffon Pie. Jolly Roger Bradfield. I had never read this book until earlier this year. It is actually Boss Mom’s favorite, and in turn, her children adore it as well. It’s a sweet little story about love and following your heart, with great illustrations, and symbolic, silly names! I am going to be ordering this for my niece for her birthday– it’s definitely a book that should be shared with all children. Books we love 2What are your favorite books to snuggle up and read with kids? Please, share!

One thought on “Books We Love

  1. Pickle Chiffon Pie is a favorite here as well! We also enjoy anything by Mo Willems (Elephant & Piggie, or the Pigeon books are hilarious). The little one is really into “Charlie & Lola” by Lauren Child. It also lets my speak in a British accent, so it’s a fav.

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