Music and Philosophy

We listen to a lot of music around here. I’m a big hummer; always there is a tune in my head I have to share or I’m singing in an opera voice to the kids. Thankfully I live with a like-minded partner. Sean is always playing some instrument or beating his fingers against his desk, the kitchen sink, his thigh, the dresser…. pretty much anything that can make a beat line. And so we go on through our days, not so silently.

Wednesday was perhaps the first day of spring-like weather here in Michigan and the opportunity to run in the sunshine nagged at me all day. I had to get out and go! So, I laced up my shoes, put some of Sean’s favorite music on my i-pod and hit the sidewalk. What I found on that run, alone with my music and the sun at my back, was a simple moment of peace. Passing by a local shop window, I glanced at a little girl’s dress and caught my reflection beaming back at me. Life is so good. There aren’t any clouds today. I have feet that can take me where I want to go. The water we drink is unquestionably clean. And in that moment it dawned on me: we can choose to awaken the gladness in ourselves, to become aware of our happiness when it’s happening and to reflect with joy on it, or we can let it pass skies and treesI’ll choose the first option, and I hope you do, too. Let’s take more time today to dwell on all the good than we do to complain about the bad. I dare you.

Carry on and sing your happy little song, too.


2 thoughts on “Music and Philosophy

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