New Years Resolutions: #8 Completed!

I said this year I would run a race. Well folks, I did it! And yes, I am doing another one, too. But we will cross that bridge when we get there…

When I woke up on Saint Patrick’s Day to lots of freshly fallen snow, I wanted to go back to sleep. In fact, I was close to rolling over and just closing my eyes again. But I didn’t. I fought my natural urge to quit by getting up and brewing some coffee. Clearly this helped motivate me. Coffee always motivates me. Plus, I had also promised a close friend that her ten year old daughter could run with me and my friends. And knowing that someone else was depending on me became my final motivating factor for the race. So, off I went…

I was only running a 5k, but it still was a challenge for me. On a lot of levels. But with every challenge in life, there are also lessons to be learned. First off, I realized that probably I should train. But also I learned I’m in half-decent shape already, so go me! More importantly, however, it became obvious to me that I need a bigger picture goal for running. Naturally, I’m not necessarily a competitive person. Which mean that unfortunately I wasn’t able to sustain myself on the thrill of running with 5,000 other people. Moving on to my next race, what this means for me, is that I have to find my own zone to get in. I need to get into a meditative mindset and just go. Thankfully, I also have an awesome running partner for my 10k, who will motivate and encourage me along the way. Just where would be in life without our own strength and the encouragement of awesome women?Irish Jig TagI felt so proud when I was done running. Everyone told me I would, but I was skeptical. After finishing the race, however, I was overcome with a major sense of accomplishment! I actually DID it. I didn’t bail out. I didn’t quit. I didn’t walk. I followed through. I finished. And this is a major step in my personal growth. The goal is to keep growing, Keep evolving. Keep doing things now, when I am young & free, so I can be an example to my sons and daughters later.

Close up of irish tagAnd every single time I walk past my running tag that is hanging on our state storyboard I can’t help but feel happy and proud all over again. Hey, sometimes we have to positively encourage ourselves just like we do for toddlers, right? Keep moving today– you won’t regret it!


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