Welcome to the World Baby Gunner Scott

Welcome to the family Gunner Scott. Oh yes, and welcome to the world, too. We are all so happy you are here. And you are healthy. And you are sweet. And you are YOU! And that is the best part of it all. Sweet Little Gunner FaceI promise to teach you all the things you don’t understand. And I promise to laugh (a lot). I promise to tie a towel around your back as a cape and run through Nani and Poppy’s backyard with you. I promise to keep being a good friend to your Mama. I promise to be sounding board when you are a teenager. I promise to let you spend the night & stay up late eating popcorn. I promise to be a fun auntie & a genuine example of unconditional love. I promise to help fill your childhood with abounding memories. I promise to be there.

Gunner in Gma's ArmsGunner's ToesSean and Danielle holding GunnerGunner with his MamaWe are going to have a blast! I’m so glad you’re here.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the World Baby Gunner Scott

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