TGIF// hatching and taking flight

Phew! What a great week! Seriously. Even though I have sub-zero energy levels and Mother Nature missed the memo on it being Spring, it has been one amazing week here in Michigan! Two (count ’em: ONE, TWO!) of my four spring babies arrived this week. That’s lots of baby snuggling time for this auntie! Aside from babies, what else has been happening this week?

Witnessing butterflies hatch, fly and explore their new world through the eyes of a toddler.
Trying to keep up with our dishes.
Attempting to start an end of the week tradition with my closest girlfriends.
Rejoicing at the knowledge that my family is growing and growing very quickly!
Celebrating the third birthday of my niece, Lucy & wishing she could stay this age forever.
Choosing to color outside the lines.
Dreaming of what could be hidden under all this snow.
Feeling very proud that I finished my first race.

blue butterflyCharlotte's Little FingersIrish Jig Tagone mason jar bluebday card2Hooray for a happy week and weekend to sit down and relax!


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