Making Juice

Knowing we would be locked indoors due to illness and bad weather, I brought the juicer along to work. It seemed a little crazy at seven in the morning when I toted it out the door, but when the kids woke up from nap with a bad case of spring fever, it was JUST the ticket! What? Most toddlers don’t use a juicer? Huh.

After explaining that we weren’t just going to pour the juice from the bottle like we normally do, we scoured the kitchen for their favorite fruits. We found oranges, clementines, pears, and grapes. The twins helped peel the clementines and put them in a bowl while I peeled and diced the pears & prepped the rest of the fruit. Then, we fired the beast up, which brought lots of giggles and threw all the fruit in. OrangesJuice Cup

After we made all the different kids of juice, we tasted them and mixed them. In the end, we discovered that no matter how you mix it, you can’t go wrong. What are your favorite kinds of juice?

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