Homemade Children’s Birthday Card

All through college and plus some years, I watched a family of three girls. The youngest and I spent beaucoup de temps together! I always called her my best little friend- because she was. For six years, I saw her more than I saw anyone else in my life. As she gets older, I can’t help but hold a very special and irreplaceable spot in my heart for her. She’s quirky, and talented, sweet and hilarious. There is no one quite like her. And as she turns another year older, I had to sit down and make her a special card. After all the time we spent doing arts and crafts, I know she will appreciate this homemade card.happy bday cardinside happy bday card

Watching the little ones we’ve helped raise is bittersweet. Unfortunately, they can’t stay two forever. I know because I’ve asked them to & no matter how much both parties want it, it’s impossible. But seeing what amazing people they are becoming aids the process.  And as they grow older, we must remind them of how much magic and love they have brought to our lives as the caregivers. It’s the least we can do for all they’ve done for us.

Happy Monday.

One thought on “Homemade Children’s Birthday Card

  1. You hit the nail on the head. It’s SOO bittersweet! It’s crazy the difference even a year makes. The child from my first nanny job ever turns 13 this year, a TEENAGER! It makes me feel old, but also so proud to see what they’ve all become! 🙂

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