March, will you bring us Spring? Or will we have to wait until April comes along? With all this gloom and winter illness, it has been a week to bunker down and cuddle away the mornings.

Watching The Wizard of Oz again and again.
Catching up with an old friend and feeling beyond thankful for the path we have been down together.
Finishing crocheted baby outfits and starting some more.
Delighting in the quiet that evenings in our apartment bring.
Listening to NPR and drinking tea in the afternoon.
Cooking lots of soup to stay warm!
Experimenting with stamps while making homemade stationary.
Editing, organizing
and actually printing pictures!
Drinking vodka tonics to remind myself of summer.
Celebrating two years together with Sean.
Knowing this year will be the best one for us yet!
Stampscomputer keys on blanketVodka Tonicsisters with bumpscoffee beansHappy weekend, wherever you are! And oh yes, Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, too! It’s so good to have that Irish blood, isn’t it?


2 thoughts on “TGIF!

  1. Cheers to Friday! And let’s up hope simultaneously that spring is just around the corner. Can we get some sun please??

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