Baby Shower Invitations Take TWO

Now that the shower is over, I can post the invites I sent out for my older sister’s baby shower! By far, these were more challenging than the invitations I made for my twin sister’s baby shower. But even with all the hours and mistakes and fixes and learning experiences, they were totally worth it! After all, what wouldn’t we do for our sisters? Plus, I wasn’t actually involved in planning anything else for the shower, so I was able to dedicate a lot of time into this project until they were just perfect!

The invitations were done on varying pieces of scrap book paper. I also inserted the library due date card with the shower information on the inside. I wanted the invites to look as bookish as possible, and by the time I was finished they definitely were!

Paper ChoicesCut in halffinished card and pocket angledBottom of inviteFull Invite Sarah's Shower

The most important thing was that my sister loved them! She’s already put the one I mailed her into his baby book! I can’t wait for him to grow up big and healthy so we can make our own arts and crafts projects together!


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