Tending to the Sick//BRAT diet

Inevitably, we get sick around here. More often than not, it’s me, but sometimes the kids get sick, too. And when they do, we are certain to buckle down on what we put into our bodies. Always we stick to the BRAT diet, but I have made it a plural “BRATS” and added on my own sickie must-have.

B: Bananas
R: Rice
A: Applesauce
T: Toast
S: Soup. Duh.

Have you heard of the BRAT diet? Does it bring you a faster recovery as well?

Hoping your Monday is a healthy one!


2 thoughts on “Tending to the Sick//BRAT diet

  1. I have definitely heard of BRAT. It works for the flu to some extent I think. I’ve mainly heard it in reference to um… Digestive issues.

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