It was a busy week at work! When most people say that it means extra hours at the office and more staring at a screen. When I say extra hours it means sharing breakfast with the kids every morning and staying to watch the Jungle Book while we snuggle on the couch. So really, extra hours aren’t so bad when you work in Never Land. But work aside, there were lot’s of things happening around here and yet again, ANOTHER busy weekend.

Ready to see these babies in person after all these baby showers.
Enjoying this phase of life with Sean.
Packing my bag with yarn each morning.
Excited for our first short story club tonight– it’s been way too long since I’ve discussed pieces of literature with like minds.
Remaining calm during tantrums and time-out.
Ignoring the knowledge that our apartment is in need of deep cleaning session.

crayons4 of usjuice cup

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