Monday Morning Rules

Monday mornings are slow around here. And why shouldn’t they be? When you’re two, what’s the rush? So, enjoy your Monday and slooowww down– way down, just like we do. It’s easy, you’ll see! Just follow these simple Monday morning rules.

1. Pajama time. This can last, well… all day. Why get dressed when you aren’t going anywhere?

2. Make fruit popsicles. We like to make our own popsicles to snack on. Whether it’s leftovers from our smoothies or our favorite juice, we are sure to make popsicles on Mondays so we are prepared for the week. The best thing about making your own popsicles is that you can control what sugar does or rather doesn’t get put into them!

3. Lounge as long as possible. Monday mornings, I get my kitchen chores done quickly! Then I plop it on the couch or floor with my coffee. I love sitting eye level with the kids for hours! The world is so great from their viewpoint, and you can only get that prespective when you take the time to sit down & slow down.

4. Look out the windows.  When it’s too cold to play outside, we look out the windows a lot. We’re like old ladies, if you want to know the truth. We check out what the neighbors are doing. We discuss what color the cars are driving by. We tell people to drive slowly, please! This is a neighborhood, jeesh! We talk about the weather– just where could the sun be!? We make up stories about squirrels. We brainstorm about what we will do in the summer! There are a lot of things outside your window you don’t even notice until you use your imagination.

5. Do the laundry. Yes, we do the laundry for fun. Okay, they do the laundry for fun! I do the laundry because it’s my job. But you will find that two years olds are very helpful when it comes to this chore. Didn’t you know? It’s very fun to throw dirty clothes in the washing machine. Then, when the laundry is finished in the dryer, they lay on the floor and I throw it on top of them. Nothing better than warm laundry to heat things up on winter mornings.


Take a minute to slow down this morning! Afterall, as the toddlers have taught me, it’s best not to rush through life, otherwise you miss you all the fun things.


3 thoughts on “Monday Morning Rules

  1. I wish my Mondays were slow… I hit the ground running, or rather, SPRINTING to get the slow poke elementary girls off to carpool without a hitch. Then the preschooler needs hair/shoes/potty within the next 20 minutes. All of this occurs before 8:30 am AND usually is pre-coffee. So ya, I’m jealous!

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