TGIF// In Like a Lamb

The weather has been a serious challenge this week. Days without sun become disheartening and difficult to get through, but there is a star in the sky, trying to escape from the clouds and I believe it will make it’s way out!  The good news of it all is that I’ve managed to survive another week with a little creative inspiration, needless nesting and big meals! Soon, spring will come! I hope.

Antsy to see Sean play his guitar at a wedding this weekend.
Believing that I am not supposed to work Fridays- ever.
Catching waves of Bob Dylan playing from Sean’s office while he works the morning away.
Daring to do a little more running and a little less excuse making this coming week.
Elated to have Sean’s brother and his fiance in town this weekend.
Fearing that March came in like a lamb, so it may go out like a lion. (Did you learn that in elementary school, too?)
Grateful to work in Never-Land and not behind a desk.snowy pinesRecord Playerart

Happy Friday, all!



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