Nanny Must Haves

This week’s list of Nanny Must-Haves includes but is not limited to…

1. Coffee.

coffeeI have to feed my morning addiction. Sometimes, I even feed it in the afternoon. And while I know all that caffeine can’t be the best for me, I’m a much better dancer, pretender, chef extraordinaire, basketball player, hide-and-seeker, painter…and so the list goes… when I have my morning coffee.  How two-year old’s don’t consume coffee and have that much energy is beyond me.

2. Bubble Gum. Gum

It’s my best bargaining device ever. With years of experimental proof behind this claim, I can guarantee GUM to give any nanny a sense of peace throughout their day. Going on a long car ride with an unwilling toddler? There’s gum for that! Need to stop at the grocery store a little too close to meal time? There’s gum for that! I’m not saying I believe in bribing children…wait, yes I am. A little sugar-less gum never hurt anyone.

3. Library Card.

Books bW

We have a close, personal relationship with our local librarian. As she says, “when they walk in here, they look like they own place!” To which I tell her, “probably because they do think that!” Their confidence, however, is attributed to the fact that I have been taking the twins to story time since they were one. They are incredibly comfortable there because it is a part of their normal routine. The librarian has even started calling them the President and Vice-President of her Fan Club. When things are rough at home, we load up and head to the library, where some extra hugs from the librarian always recharge our positive attitude levels. Going to story time and connecting with the library has helped to instill a passion for reading at a very young age, as well as increased their self-esteem and social skills. If your little kiddos are looking for something to do, I highly recommend this from one nanny to the other.

4. Creativity.

BW PlaydoughWith each of the families I have worked for, art has always been a priority. I like to craft and create, so naturally, I want my little ones to experience the same pleasure. My philosophy at art time? We all have a right to create, whatever way we choose, but please, don’t paint the furniture.

2 thoughts on “Nanny Must Haves

  1. Great list. Love that it begins with coffee, because as all of us nannies know… Our day hasn’t really started until we get our coffee.

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