Two Projects in One Day

We are constantly moving and changing things in our apartment in an attempt to get it exactly how we want. Don’t get me wrong, we love our apartment very much, but we also love change and home improvement projects.  

The hardest part about our apartment is that we have an open layout except for the kitchen, which is teeny tiny and tucked away.  Since we plan on staying here for awhile longer, we have been doing a bit of nesting these days. It’s exciting for me that Sean is just as motivated as I am about this!

 Last Sunday, after a trip to Ace Harware, we came home with lots of supplies and ideas for organizing and revamping our kitchen and dining room. Sean got to work on the kitchen and I focused on the dining room– conquer and divide! 

So here is what we came up with:
A new look for the dining room nook.

One side of dresserdresser knobs downwardtop of dresserFav dresser

And elsewhere in the apartment, here is the quick solution Sean designed for our overloaded pots and pan cupboard:

arrow 1arrow 2arrow 3

Of course it’s supposed to have more dishes hanging on it, but of course they’re dirty in the sink and not being displayed. But overall, not bad for an afternoon at home! Is this never-ending winter getting you in the nesting mood as well?


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