Dinner for One

Sean left yesterday for a bachelor party, which left me all to myself. A night to run wild through the apartment was not quite what I expected. Life is better with Sean, it really is. But, oddly enough I felt revitalized by solitude. Looking around at our apartment in the quiet, I was reassured of our life, of our relationship, of my own independence, by his absence.

When you’re living with the person you are dating, I think it’s very important to maintain a strong sense of independence, of individuality. Often, young couples are tempted to move in with one another and move everyone else out of their lives, which can be a dangerous cycle. Thankfully, Sean is always very supportive of my girls nights out & incredibly encouraging of my autonomy. We are sure to understand there is a time for Us, as well as a time for Sean and Danielle, alone. In this respect, I recognize what a perfect match he is for me. What more could I ask of my mate than someone who wants me to be me?

So what did I do without my Sean to pester and love on all day and night? First, I went took a flying yoga class with a girlfriend & after we stopped at some of our favorite places. After some crafting, with the background of shows Sean probably wouldn’t watch, and a nice long nap later, I was ready to take myself on a dinner date. Who says you can’t make yourself a delightful meal & drink a beer just because you’re alone? Then, I was off to one of my favorite breweries with an old friend and our best dancing boots.sandwichtop of tablebathroomdancing shoes

Life is good. So good. And I’m so grateful to be on this journey with someone else. And I’m so grateful that someone else is Sean, who I love the most.


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