TGIF// homebound

This week has been filled with good. It feels like it was just Monday and now I’m up to welcome the sun on Friday morning.

Anticipating little birdies coming into our family.
Feeling very loved by Sean on Valentines Day and every other day, too.
Itching to get home as quickly as I can to see my family.
Planning showers and showers, and maybe some more showers, just for fun.
Celebrating two very special friends as they look into the next year of their lives.
Relishing in Sean’s new habit of bringing me coffee in the mornings.
Craving the giddy laughter from my two nieces Up North.
Running on the sidewalks despite the muddy snow.
Soaking up as many hugs & laughs from the twins as humanly possible.
Keeping some secrets of the most exciting type!folded invitesat tracy's partySnowy NewsBeer at harmony

It will be a fun weekend at home, for sure. My mom is making a big batch of lasagna & it’s hard to believe this could be our last meal together before my sisters’ babies come! May your weekend be filled to the brim with happiness, too.


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