Planning a Baby Shower// one week to go

My twin sister’s baby shower is just around the corner! And with less than a week to go, I have suddenly realized that, well, I haven’t done much any prep work yet. It seemed that for her wedding shower there were lots of things to do, but either baby showers are easy to plan or I’ve just gotten really good at this shower business! Nonetheless on Monday morning, I got to work making my list of things to actually do for this weekend’s festivities. 

So with one week to go, here is my do-list:

Organize decorations:

Since our invitations said our gathering was to “shower Brittany with love”, we have decided to roll with that as the theme. We are going to decorate with baby bath supplies, a vintage bath tub, a clothes line with fresh towels and fresh flowers in vintage soap bottles. 

And with spring just around the corner, we plan on getting lots of fresh flowers to liven the venue up! Per usual, my favorite way of decorating is with plants & flowers. There won’t be any exceptions for this shower.  

Also I want to make a paper link chain and a pennant flag banner. I have no idea how I will use them, but I have been looking for a reason to create another one since I had to take my Christmas one down.

Order dessert:

My pregnant twinner is craving sweets (although, whether or not her pregnancy is a factor is debatable). But, she wanted to have a huge dessert table and so we shall! We ordered her favorite cookies from her favorite bakery.  Some will have pink frosting and some will have blue. Our plan is to have people take the color cookie that they think the baby will be. It should be a fun way to guess the gender without having to play another game. We’ve also lined up my mom to make all sorts of desserts! She honestly is the best baker I know.

Finalize RSVP:

I have to figure out how many people are actually coming. I’ve been keeping a check list of people as they call me, but it will be necessary to know a more accurate number. This way when I run to the store last minute to buy the silverware and flatware I won’t get too much. See, sometimes procrastination isn’t such a bad thing.

But these things don’t seem like much to me. I am hopeful that the calm will carry on until Saturday. It’s easy to stay calm about planning when you have a bigger focus in mind. I’m not worried about this shower, because I am anxious for the birth. And I wish this little birdy would just get here already. I’m becoming one impatient auntie!


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