Up-Cycled Children’s Project: Making a Bus

Here is a quick, easy up-cycled children’s project sure to busy your toddlers all day long. Trust me on this one.

On the way out of my apartment this morning, I noticed that our closet had more than a few extra egg cartons waiting to be recycled. So, I grabbed two and a ball of spring and headed out the door. I wasn’t sure how I would up-cycle them, but when I got to work, inspiration struck! As they played with their Little People, I told the twins that we would be making a school bus. They absolutely love any and every bus. They love singing about buses. They like watching for buses when we drive. They even pretend like the slide at gymnastics is a school bus. Like I said, they love buses. So, I knew when I said we would be making a bus, it would get their attention.

Tools for Egg Carton

All I did was punch two holes, one in each side of the egg carton. Then to make a handle, I tied a piece of string, looping it through each hole. And magically, ta-da– we have a bus, people!

Egg Carton 1

They were very excited and proceeded to pull the buses around all day, singing and laughing about being the bus driver. It’s extra fun when your twin is a bus driver, too, because then you can race one another up and down the kitchen floor. Beep beep! Watch out!

Egg Carton 2

Yes, I think I will stay two forever. Life is so good here.


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