Make Your Own Library Due Date Cards

Libraries used to have due date cards. I remember them. Do you? Once you found the book you wanted to check out, the librarian would stamp the due date on the little card to  remind you when to return it. Next, she would stick the card into a pocket, which was stuck to the inside cover, then close the book and hand it back to you. It was a small process, but after she closed the book and slid it back to you, she would always smile and say something kind about you & reading. These moments are deeply seeded in my childhood memory bank. They are also a part of my older sister’s memory bank as well, and try as we might we can’t understand why they ever stopped using those little due date cards!

While I have mentioned that my twin sister is pregnant, I haven’t yet mentioned that my older sister, Sarah, is also due to have her first baby in April! Yes, we are quite busy and no, I am not expecting!! After the fun that I had making my twin’s baby shower invitations, I volunteered to make my older sister’s invites as well.  She is having a baby book  themed party, so I knew immediately that I would attempt to incorporate the due date cards into the invitations, somehow, someway!

I will be sharing the entire invitation later this week, but for today, I thought I would share a DIY tutorial on how to make the library due date cards and pockets.

The first thing I did was scour on-line for templates to use. I wanted to figure out how to make the pockets. I knew they would be similar to the envelopes I had made before, and I was right. After looking at a few different options, I printed off this due date pocket template. I traced it, then cut out my own, making it slightly larger than the original template because I knew my cards were not going to be the same size as the ones they had on this site. The only reason I didn’t use this site’s due date cards was because I wanted a more authentic typewriter font.

pocket 1

For the pockets, I decided that I would use recycled children book pages that I had in my collection. I had wondered what I would do with all those dinosaur pages and was excited to finally give them a purpose. All I had to do was trace my template onto the pages, cut, fold and glue the ides together.

pocket 2

Then, all I had to do was make my library due date cards. After looking at some online I found this one to download and alter. I altered a few things on this card, like the wording for each section, as well as the lines because I wanted them to be thicker in order to show a better contrast. I typed in the basic information of the shower, like the place & time, in Courier New to give it the effect of typewriter. The rest of the information will be elsewhere on the invitation.

finished card and pocket angledThen, I was done. It was exciting to pop the cards in the pocket and then pull them out again! I hope everyone else will feel the same nostalgic satisfaction when they get the invites in the mail.

finished card and pocket 2


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