The Sweet Days

When you’re working with children there are moments of panic, of terror, of absolute fear, that life is moving too quickly! And you want the time to S.T.O.P. You want today to be forever. You want your little birdies always close to you, snuggling, and smiling.Evan

These are the sweet days of life. And they have to be cherished. You only get 365 days of being with a two-year old. So soak them in.

As we watch them grow, we come to understand that these babies, these toddlers- they are growing into people, into the next generation. Someday, they will be taking care us. So let us love them now so they can love later.

The hardest part of it all, is that we come to understand the depth of the “bitter” in “bittersweet”.  But instead of focusing on the bitter, we must lean into the sweet. Because these truly are the sweet days and let’s live them to the fullest before they pass.

This song always reminds me of love and childhood. For me, these lyrics are the ringing anthem for two year-olds everywhere.


3 thoughts on “The Sweet Days

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