Surviving Winter in the Midwest

In Michigan, sometimes you can clear off your windshield, but it still looks like this:


And in those moments, you understand why birds and the elderly fly South. But snow & cold aside, I have to say, that I really do live in one of the greatest states in U.S! I know this only because I have lived in many others. And I can say, that in Michigan, the good far outweighs the bad. To help myself, I put this little sticker on my car and every time I brush the inches of snow away, it makes me smile. I do love Michigan. I really do.

Logo on Subaru

 It isn’t always easy to make it through these long winter months, but we’re over halfway there people! Some day I may head South for the winter, but right now, Up North is where I want to be.


One thought on “Surviving Winter in the Midwest

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