Book Report 2// Little Princes

Do you ever open a novel and feel like you are having a conversation with the author? And not just any conversation, but the kind of conversation that is only possible between close, personal friends. A conversation that’s so engaging it seeps into the night and you wake up remembering it the next day. That is exactly the experience I had after fifty pages into Little Princes by Conor Grennan! I’m beyond excited to discuss my reactions as I cross it off my 2013 Book List!

What I Read? Little Princes by Conor Greenan


Why I Chose It? This novel was a recommendation from Sean.  Typically we don’t share the same taste in novels, but he was really moved by this book and thought it would be up my alley, as well. Sean went to Nepal last summer and completely fell in love with the land, the culture and the people. Since he returned we have started sponsoring a child in Kathmandu through the program ANSWER.  Knowing how much Nepal means to Sean, I recognized that when he said, “you have to read it” that he was meaning it on an entirely differently level. I am so glad I listened to his advice. This book has allowed us the opportunity to share an authentic Nepali adventure, even though I have not been there… yet.


So what did I think of it? If you can’t tell by know I loved this book! I literally could not put it down. When Sean came to bed last night at one and said, “wow, you’re still awake and still reading!” it was obvious that I was enthralled by the text. Typically I fall asleep after three pages when I am reading at night, but this story kept me awake and alert and unwilling to go to sleep. 

It was wasn’t necessarily powerful because it of it’s literary elements, but rather it was powerful on an entirely different level. Reading this book, I felt like I was in Nepal, reading someone’s journal they had left there. It was entirely conversational and easy to read. Particularly, I was hooked by the authors ability to tell in raw detail the happenings of Nepal in his experience over the past decade. Never was he boastful or self-righteous- he was simply real.  As he discusses the children at the orphanage he volunteers at it becomes obvious how ingrained these kids are in his heart. He tells a story that few would dare to experience– of entering the Himalayas in a post-civil war period despite the risk it brings, of challenging the way things have always been, of caring for people more than you care for yourself, and of daring to do what others call crazy.  As I read about his self-struggles and growth, it felt like a personal challenge for me: as the reader how could I relate? What was I willing to do?

After reading it, I felt like I really learned something. I had a better educated view-point of Nepal- a country I didn’t know much about. We so often hear about hardships in other third world countries, but Nepal seems to still be off the radar. Additionally, I feel a deeper of understanding of why Sean is always saying, “Let’s just go to Nepal”. And I have learned that there is something in me that shares the author’s internal instincts to go and do. This book ignited the spark inside me for world travel & compassion.  It is now a motivating factor for me to save my pennies and head to Nepal to visit our friend through ANSWER.


Would I recommend it? 200%, I would recommend this book with 200% of my self.

I can’t wait to hear from anyone who has also read this book! And yes, Sean, the next time you say “let’s just go to Nepal” I will start packing my suitcase.


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