I have been busy in this place this week! And I’m ready for the slow down of the weekend, aren’t you?

Seeing// My closest friend’s belly grow with their first little baby!

Hearing//Sean move around in his morning routine

Touching // Only what I can reach from bed

Smelling// My favorite: Dr. Bronner Soap

Tasting//Coffee from my favorite mug for the first time all week.


One of the best feelings in the entire world is coming home. It was a fun week away, but I am thrilled to be back in my own bed this morning. So thrilled, in fact, that I have decided not to leave. Sean was kind enough to bring me coffee, so I’m prolonging my ability to work from bed as long as possible.Why would I get out of bed if I don’t have to? Getting lots of things ready for the blog next week. Look for some new crafts, baby shower updates and a very green nanny-tip.

What will you be doing this weekend? There are so many things going on here in Grand Rapids. I hope I can get out of bed!


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