Lyric Flower Pot

Some season’s back, Sean & I went to a May concert. As she started singing a cover of Van Morrison’s Crazy Love, a moment of unknown peace overcame me. And with each line she sang every ounce of hesitation or doubt I had was quickly filtered from my life, leaving only joy in its wake. I felt cleansed from all the hurt in my past and renewed by the man standing behind me.  Since then, every time I hear this song I find myself back at Founders, wrapped in Sean’s arms feeling loved- so loved.

I wanted to do something with the lyrics of this song for a long time, but I was never sure just what. Then last summer, Sean ventured to India for six weeks with his brother. Naively I volunteered to watch his plants, but didn’t quite realize just how many he had until my bedroom was overtaken by green from every side- even my ceiling was hanging with vines! Feeling quite beside myself and lonely one afternoon, I grabbed the nearest pot to me and started painting the first thing that came to my mind– I started painting the anthem to our crazy love.

new-flower pot 1

 Like most of the projects that I do, this lyric flower pot was very simple. I definitely wasn’t focused on doing it perfectly. I was doing it for therapy. I thought about going back and touching up certain letters to make the paint more even, but in the end I decided not to. Everytime I look at this pot I remember how close I felt to Sean even though he was so far away from me. This pot also serves as an important personal reminder that one cannot dwell when on loneliness. The best way to come out of a pit is always to climb– and I chose to use art as my ladder.

new-flower pot 3

All of the other plant pots Sean & I have are varying shades of blue, so aesthetically I love that I used blue paint. It fits well in our home.  And now that Sean is back to stay, it’s great having this piece as a souvenir of our strength.

new-flower pot 2

My world is better because of music and art, and I love taking the opportunity to combine the two!

May February find you all running towards your own crazy loves like a river strong….

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