Handmade Baby Shower Invitations

I’ve been meaning to post these for sometime– here are the handmade invitations (& steps) that I created for my sister’s baby shower.  Enjoy!006

1.Choose a color & pattern pallet to use. We are doing a yellow & grey theme for the shower, so I wanted to use all types of patterns using at least one or both of those colors. I was okay with having different patterns for the invitations.


2. Choose a design layout. I knew originally that I wanted a stork on the card. We call my sister, Bird, so I had to put some kind of bird on the invite itself.  And what’s a more appropriate bird than a stork?? I tried different designs for days and in the end, I liked this one the best. So, I quartered a piece of 8×10 white paper and drew my final design on one of the quarters.


Trace Invitation

3. I traced by design onto vellum paper. I thought about scanning and printing them each, but in the end I decided to do them all by hand. There was something really exciting about knowing every invitation I sent out was unique and made just for the recipient. Tie papers together

4. Put the cards together.  Next, I punched a hole in the vellum & the pattern patter and tied them together with twine.

And that’s all it took, folks!  Completed Invitation

I was really proud of the invitations when they were completed! They were just what I had envisioned. Without a doubt, I would do invitations this way again; simply because it was so methodical just trace, punch, tie. Trace, punch, tie.  Trace, punch, tie.  It was time-consuming, but thoughtfulness always trumps time! And, in the end, when my sister called and said how much she loved them, that was all that mattered!

Have you ever created handmade invitations before? What did you do?


6 thoughts on “Handmade Baby Shower Invitations

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