From Pinterest to Reality: Project #2// Handmade Envelopes

Envelopes made from maps kept  popping up on my Pinterest.  They were everywhere! Clearly it was a sign: Danielle, you should make us.  I tried to figure out who pioneered the making of these handmade envelopes, but sadly I was unable to find their mama. Left to forge my own trail, I couldn’t believe how simple it was to create handmade envelopes.  Instead of using maps, I decided to use the old magazines my grandma gave me. I was excited to have another reason to up-cycle these cool vintage papers!  EnvelopesHere is what I did to create my Handmade Envelopes:Step Two1. My papers were relatively small, so I decided to tape two pieces together in order to make one larger envelope.

Trace old Envelope2. Since I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing, I found an old envelope to use as a template. After taking it apart, I simply traced it onto the papers.

Fold Sides

3.I then cut it out and folded my three sides.


4. To finish, I taped down my sides!

Finished Evnvelope Front

And voila!

Side note: In order to hold down the last flap I am planning to use some monogrammed stickers that I have deep in my craft bin.

 Finished Envelope Back

These envelopes literally took me just a few minutes to make.  Figuring out the logistics on my first envelope was really the only tricky party. After that, it was a smooth operation.

I’m really pleased with the vintage feel they have. I’m also happy that I decided to use a wider tape to connect my two pages. It’s surprisingly sturdy & I don’t have to worry about things falling through the gaps when I send them with Mr. Postman.

Multiple Envelopes

I’m pumped that I have one less thing to buy at the store! Now all I have to do is insert my cute stationary & off they go! I can’t wait to send out my first letter this week!

2 thoughts on “From Pinterest to Reality: Project #2// Handmade Envelopes

  1. So cute! I love them. You could even use washi tape for ones you don’t mail! (I would be worried about the security of the envelope and contents since washi is removable, you know?) I’m inspired, and have a TON of scrapbook paper…getting crafty this week!

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