From Pinterest to Reality: Project #1// Design Your Own Tea-Pot

I saw on Pinterest that you can design your own coffee mugs simply by using Sharpie markers.  All of the designs I saw on Pinterest looked so cute & easy that I just had to give it a try myself.  Sean recently started making a lot of loose leaf teas; selling some & giving it awa,y as well.  It was by chance that I saw this plain white tea-pot on clearance at Target. But, once I laid eyes on it I knew that it just had to be my guinea pig for this project.

Tea Pot and CupsThe first thing I did was wash the exterior of the ceramic mugs & tea-pot.  While they were drying I preheated my oven to 350 degrees.Teap PotsThen, I started designing! This was the fun part, of course. Mig FinishedThe tea-pot was much more fun for me to design than the mugs themselves. I liked that there was a bigger space to fill. I also really like the contrast of the black on white. It was so bold and easy to see. I really appreciate the whimsical feel of the roots. It’s fun to look at the tree and realize that the roots are the main focus, not the branches. As trees are very trendy these days, it’s fun to see one that is a bit more non-traditional. Tea Pot COmpletedOne thing I didn’t want was cups that matched exactly. I wanted them to look like a set and have similar traits that brought them together (hence the “World Tea Tree Company” on the handle), but with different fronts.  I decided on two phrases: “More tea, please” and “I love tea with honey”.  I really enjoyed that the cups were able to stand on their own, but also still look like a set when put next to one another.Tea pot and mugs finishedOnce I had my designs done, I put them in the oven to bake for 30 minutes.

Finished Tea PotThis was such an easy project! I can definitely see myself giving these away in all sorts occasions for all sorts of people. Thank you, Pinterest! It’s so inspiring to see a project and think “hey, I can do that, too!” It’s even more inspiring to do that project and know that you did do it and you can do it again!


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