Homemade Playdough

When the going gets tough, the nanny makes homemade playdough. Isn’t that how that phrase goes?

In all seriousness though, homemade playdough is my trick to cure any morning sass, tantrums, boredom, sadness &/or bad attitudes.

Working with two 2-year olds it was no surprise to me that the homemade playdough would be the first activity to go from the Rainy Day Box.  While we normally make our own homemade playdough, there was something exciting and much easier this time around. Perhaps it’s because mason jars are much easier to pour out than measuring cups & tablespoons; or perhaps it was because I put vanishing Kool-aid in the mix, so when we added water it magically turned pink.  But whatever the root of the excitement, I’ll TAKE IT! They were entertained and happy (edit: VERY happy) for over an hour.
Paydough jarsIn the jars I added: 1 package Vanishing Koolaid, 3 cups flour, 1 1/2 cup salt, &  6 tbsp cream of tarter. I was sure to make little labels with directions, just in case I wasn’t the one to make it.

Playdough jars II

On the morning that the kids wanted to make the playdough, they poured the ingredients from the jar into a pan. I made extra sure to build suspense as they smelled the ingredients and guessed what color it would turn! We then added 3 tbsp oil and 3 cups of water and watched the magic! I cooked the playdough on the stove over medium heat until it formed a round ball, let it cool on the counter and then handed it over!

If you’ve never tried homemade playdough, I highly recommend it! It’s so much fun to make and watch the kids create their own masterpieces.

Try it out & have fun!


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