My Clay Mug

When I opened my Christmas gift from Sean and saw that it was a set of mugs from a potter in the Upper Peninsula, I was really excited! But little did I know at the time how much I would love them & use them everyday! It’s safe to say that I have grown quite attached in the short time since Christmas.

Typically, I take my coffee to work in a travel mug. Then, in the late morning, once I start drinking water or tea, I switch to a glass cup. The problem with this, other than using too many dishes unnecessarily (and I hate doing dishes), is that I am infamous for forgetting my travel mug in the sink before leaving work. Like, I tell my boss every Thursday when I leave with a loot of mugs, “I’m working on it.” Thankfully, since I have started using this mug, I haven’t forgotten it once! Clay MugAlso, I find myself using it for coffee, water & tea throughout the afternoon. It’s so great only having one cup to wash at the end of the day. But more than anything, it’s so pleasant to look at this cute mug all day long!  And driving home with it empty I feel especially motivated to go for a run, so I can fill it with our growler beer (from this new favorite spot of ours) while having dinner with Sean.

Clay Mug 2Clay Mug 3Hooray for new things that help you keep yourself together, healthy and staying hydrated! Thanks Sean! What would I do without you?



2 thoughts on “My Clay Mug

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