In This Place// Aman Park, Grand Rapids, MI


Sky at Aman Park

After a week of zero sun (and I mean that quite literally), we woke up Saturday afternoon morning to it dancing through our south-facing windows! Ready to celebrate, I quickly finished my coffee and Sean & I headed out to collect as much vitamin D as we could in this place.  With a great segment playing on NPR, we rode to the outskirts of Grand Rapids, where one of our favorite hiking trails is: Aman Park.

There is a river in this place that you follow through the woods. And there are trees to crawl across, hoping you will not slip into the frigid water below.  There are trees to climb.  And there is inspiration to be found for new games and books for children. There are conversations between the crunching of snow and laughter that sneaks through the trees in this place. Roots in Aman ParkSean and Danielle at Aman Park 2River at Aman Park 2River in Aman Park

Did you all get a chance to stop and play in the sun this weekend? It’s not too late! Have fun.


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