Hello From Nepal

Most of our close friends have come to accept our restless natures, but even so, our nomadic lifestyles remain misunderstood by many.  Interestingly, before Sean & I even met we had our individual wandering souls and minds, always thinking of elsewhere. (Which is exactly the reason we met in college at 26– we had other things to do first.) For me, Sean’s open mind, and his willingness and drive to explore cultures was a pivotal point of initial interest. He was the first person I ever met who thought as much about the world overseas as I did. From our first conversation on the bus, I identified with him and suddenly felt understood. It was in meeting Sean that I realized  whether or not the world understood my restlessness, I was not mad, this restless was a powerful aspect of myself. And now that Sean and I have joined forces, we have come to understand how fully world perspectives have become a trigger for our passions, behaviors and goals in life.

Since Sean and I have graduated and “settled down” we have been able to wrangle our gypsy thoughts and get to work full filling our give back bucket list. Everyone has certain things they want to do before they die, but for me and Sean the majority of our bucket list is centered on where to go next and how to give back to communities that have taken us in on our ventures.  This year we decided to help sponsor the education of a child living in Nepal. Collectively this made sense for us, since my true passion is working with children, Sean traveled in Nepal & completely fell in love with it, and because books changed our lives at an early age.

It was a powerful sign to us that in Grand Rapids there is a program called ANSWER. We are hoping that as we become more involved in this program we can begin to bring awareness  to our own community about the current conditions in Nepal.

This week, we received our first letter from the child we sponsor. As I sat on our couch and  read it aloud to Sean, the impact of what we were doing literally hit home for us.The excitement this child has to learn and the appreciation she has for this educational opportunity surpasses any I have seen in America.  While children here are often heard complaining about going to school, she drew us a picture of herself dreaming about learning and graduation.  It was beyond inspiring.


There are many ways that we each give back in our own communities and to others.  Our world becomes better by small actions and the giving of ourselves. This entry is simply about how Sean and I have chosen to pass our love on. And this Christmas season and in 2013 as well, I am excited to hear more stories about spreading peace from one community to another.


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