WednesDIY//Up-Cycled Christmas Ornaments

Our apartment is booming with projects– the cooking, crafting & holiday bustle type of projects.  Naturally, I can’t help but feel grateful for this time of the year. In particular, I am most jubilant because I have finished more projects in the past two weeks than I have in the past two months.  But so creative habits often flow with such waves and valleys.

As we began decorating our tree ( a potted pine tree, which doubles as a great adoption to our plant family), it felt a bit sparse and incomplete.  Not wanting to start my car yet another time & buy yet MORE THINGS, I decided to make some simple paper ornaments from my Grandma’s crocheting books. In the end, they balanced out the tree and hang as a constant reminder of all the strong, creative women I come from.


You may also notice there is twine tucked between the branches.  To save energy and to avoid buying MORE THINGS, we decided not to  use any lights this year. Initially, I thought that I would miss the twinkle, but the re-purposed twine makes me smile every time I see our tree. 



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