Homemade Christmas Present Ideas// Make Your Own Pizza Kit

Might you have your own pizza loving friend? I know I have one. Or four. But in particular, I have one pizza loving friend who needs all the free time she can get & who, when she gets it, needs not to worry about doing anything (since she does everything for everyone else).

But, when I started looking for Christmas gifts in the store for my very special pizza loving friend, I kept drawing a blank. Nothing seemed right. Nothing seemed personal. Then, when Sean and I were in Milwaukee and I stumbled on this spice store, I knew just what I would do! And so began my first attempt at a make your own pizza kit.

Typically, I make my own pizza crust. It is an alteration of a recipe I found in Better Homes & Garden, with mine having lots of herbs and spices that the BH&G does not call for. In my make your own pizza kit, I filled two mason jars with the first necessary & main ingredients of the crust making process. For the second part of the process, I attached very easy directions on a cute note card made from an old cookbook page. Side note of clarity: I gave her two mason jars of crust ingredients because I wanted to give her two pizza crust starters– only one pizza didn’t seem like much to me. 

I also added a jar of my canned tomatoes from earlier this year, so she can make her own sauce with the spices I picked up in Milwaukee.


The next time she is in a pinch for dinner all she’ll have to do is pull out this pizza kit & just add cheese– dinner will be on me for a night! Perhaps, I hope, I have given her just what she really needs this year: more time for herself and a load off her shoulders.



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