Mmmm…Monday//The Good News about Squash Soup

Before the change in seasons hit the farmers market, I loaded up on squash for the winter.  And now, I am busy trying as many new squash recipes as I can.  But with all this squash-eating, I decided to go back through my cookbook and notes to remind myself just what exactly was in it for me.  After all, shouldn’t we always know what we are putting into our bodies before we open our mouths? 


The bad news about squash?

It looks like baby food.  (Also note: it is also impossible for me to take an appetizing picture of squash soup, which classifies as bad news, too. )

But the good news about squash?

Well, for starters, there is much more good news than bad news, so that in and of itself is already “good news”.

Other good news?

Squash, while technically sneaking under the bracket of fruit, happens to be one of the most fully loaded & health packed gourds. In fact, that baby food color is actually a determining positive sign for us, who are eating it. Seeing this color in any food (of the earth food; discounting Cheetos) signifies a prevalence in  carotenoids, and specifically in butternut squash beta carotene.

The good news about carotenoids? Human bodies are able to take these carontenoids and beta carotene and then automatically convert them into Vitamin A, which is helpful for 1.  immune system up-keep; 2. fighting heart disease; and 3. assisting in cancer prevention. Additionally, beta carotene is able to convert more Vitamin A than any other carotenoid.

And so, as I sat down last night happy to be eating my Butternut-Curry Squash Soup primarily because it was low in fat & high in fiber (and I had LOTS of high-carb meals & drafts this weekend), I was also excited to be giving my body a boost before starting my week.


Hooray for fruits that not only taste good, but are also good for us! Lots of good news all around.  Have a good dinner in your coop!


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